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UV-C LED disinfection systems for the food sector

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Why use UV-C LEDs:

UV-C technology has been used for many years in the food sector to improve product quality and hygiene control in production processes. The advent of UVC LEDs has allowed Fuocofreddo to develop and produce specific UVC LED systems for this sector.


Contamination control at every stage of food production and packaging is essential for achieving high quality standards. In fact, in addition to compliance with HACCP standards, LED UVC technology guarantees greater quality and shelf-life of the food product, consequently increasing profits. This technology allows you to not alter the flavor, color or nutritional content of food and drinks because it does not use chemicals.

Fuocofreddo’s UVC LED germicidal technology is a very advantageous solution because:

  • UVC rays sterilize and eliminate: bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds and mites without generating resistant forms, a common feature of chemical disinfectants and antibiotics.
  • The UVC LED technology guarantees the maintenance of ideal hygienic conditions in the various production and storage processes.
  • Our systems are easily adapted to both large and small systems, guaranteeing excellent results. Our company will provide all the necessary support in choosing the right solution or any tailor-made customization.
  • UVC LEDs integrate with daily cleaning operations, requiring no routine maintenance, unlike UVC mercury lamps.
  • A longer shelf life and fewer returns of spoiled food and / or economic losses due to contaminated food being produced.
  • Reduction of production times.
  • Easy retrofit of filling and sealing machines with our UVC LED systems.
  • Easy shielding of UVC radiation.
  • Long life of LEDs with low energy consumption.
  • Amortization of installation costs within a few months.