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Ventilazione controllata scuole

Marche Region: the study on controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC).

In the fight against Covid -19, the Marche region becomes, with a vast study on controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC), the Italian pilot region to h...

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The health emergency caused by Sars-Cov2 cannot be said to be over yet. Despite the fact that the air is now more relaxed, thanks to the gradual relax...

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Abbattimento UVC

UV-C technology explained by “International UltraViolet Association”

The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) ( has stated that UV-C (200-280nm) disinfection technologies may play an important role ...

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Covid-19 resists up to 28 days on surfaces (in particular on mobile phones and banknotes)

A study by the Australian National Scientific Agency reveals that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus survives on banknotes or mobile phones for up to 28...

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Disinfection against covid19 – coronavirus thanks to the radiation of UV-C light

COV-SARS2 belongs to the larger coronavirus family, and according to current scientific research, this type of monofilament RNA virus is very sensitiv...

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