Fuocofreddo UV-A LEDs are reliable, efficient and with very high performance to be used in many applications in the industrial sector:

  • Curing of UV adhesives
  • Drying of printing inks and varnishes
  • Sanitization with radiation and UVA, removes viruses from the air and surfaces.
  • Highlighting of imperfections on various types of supports and materials (eg paper, fabrics, etc.)
  • Detection of the fluorescence of certain compounds in plastics, minerals, colored pigments, etc.

Compared to lamps using other technologies, LED ones offer numerous advantages:

  • Instant ignition (no heating times required)
  • High on / off cycles do not cause any damage
  • Adaptable to all shapes
  • Higher light intensity / absorbed power ratio
  • Longer lifespan
  • Absence of heating
  • Operation with low supply voltages

UV-A LED MODULES: LED modules in the catalog ready for use or tailor-made for “professional” customers. Proposed in multiple shapes, sizes, electrical and radiometric characteristics

POWER SUPPLY FOR UV-A LED DRIVING: Fuocofreddo offers both standard and customized power supply solutions on request. Depending on the case, we can offer constant voltage, constant current and rechargeable battery power solutions. We offer products, electronic and regulatory support to identify the best solution, and then get to request any customizations.

UV-A LED OPTICS: Fuocofreddo means being able to manage the UV-A radiant flow through both standard and customized solutions on request. We offer products, support for optical calculation and support in the choice to identify the best optical solution, and if necessary by studying customized customizations. We also offer the resin coating service for our modules and control electronics. Resin coatings specifically designed for UV-A applications. able to be transparent to UV-A rays and at the same time resistant and, if necessary, IP tight (Up to IP69K).

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