Ultraviolet disinfection is a purely physical process. UV-C radiation, with a wavelength between 100 and 280 nanometers, directly attacks the DNA or RNA of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, initiating a photochemical reaction that destroys the genetic information contained in the DNA. The microorganisms affected by this radiation are no longer able to reproduce.

Tests conducted on FUOCOFREDDO UV-C LED products included different types of pathogens (indicated in blue in the graph). The results obtained in the laboratory guarantee efficacy for other microorganisms which, according to scientific literature, require lower doses (indicated in gray), including Sars-Cov2. The difficulty of being able to directly test the Sars-Cov2 virus (better known as Covid19), forces us to use all the information found through the scientific documentation produced in the last year, in order to have references about the susceptibility of this pathogen to UV rays -C.

The products have been subjected to microbiological and safety tests at certified control bodies. The checks were carried out to ensure the tranquility of use for buyers and to be able to give examples of references to guarantee the effectiveness of use.

In addition, UV-C LEDs emit at a wavelength of 275 nm and therefore do not generate Ozone but above all destroy it (if present), converting it back into oxygen.


Product with module: 110370

Luminaire that can be installed on the ceiling or recessed in modular false ceilings 600x600mm. Useful for sanitizing surfaces and work areas of offices, canteens, shops or in any case of places where it is possible to start disinfection at night and / or in the absence of people.

For safe operation of the appliance it is essential to insert a presence sensor.


Product with module: 110365110369

Satin aluminum profile for ceiling installation IP20, with remote power supply. Available on request also in the recessed version and in the IP54 version.

This product is useful both to be mounted inside drawers or cabinets in the shorter versions but also for the disinfection of narrow and long surfaces (eg desks, check-in counters, etc.).


Product with module: 110367110371

Blade UVC 250 and Blade UVC 500 are portable battery-operated sanitizing devices. It is used for the disinfection of clothing, small surfaces, keys, telephones, handles, bags, etc.