FuocoFreddo offers UVC LED modules and products for the world of sanitation.

UVC technology is a physical disinfection method which, by hitting the DNA or RNA of microorganisms, blocks the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and molds. Compared to the old mercury tube UVC technology, the LED technology has an excellent cost / benefit ratio, is ecological, acts on all microorganisms, does not create resistance, adapts to any application and has greater energy efficiency.
The areas of use of UVC LEDs are manifold for air, surfaces and water.

Fuocofreddo collaborates with packaging and pharmaceutical companies, with schools, with commercial activities and a large slice of the transport sector to ensure greater disinfection in the workplace and beyond.

UVC LED MODULES: LED modules in the catalog ready for use or tailor-made for “professional” customers. Proposed in multiple shapes, sizes, electrical and radiometric characteristics

POWER SUPPLY FOR UVC LED DRIVING: Fuocofreddo offers both standard and customized power supply solutions on request. Depending on the case, we can offer constant voltage, constant current and rechargeable battery power solutions. We offer products, electronic and regulatory support to identify the best solution, and then get to request any customizations.

UVC LED COMPLETE SOLUTIONS: Fuocofreddo also means study, design and construction of complete products or semi-finished products. We offer products, electronic, optical, thermal and regulatory support. The standard products offered, easy to use and ready to use, allow you to carry out simple experiments in a short time, and then get to request any customizations. Our customers have the possibility to carry out DEMOs in a very short time, also using the optics, power supplies, profiles that we have available.

UVC LED OPTICS: Fuocofreddo means being able to manage the UVC radiant flow through both standard and customized solutions on request. We offer products, support for optical calculation and support in the choice to identify the best optical solution, and if necessary by studying customized customizations. We also offer the resin coating service for our modules and control electronics. Resin coatings specifically designed for UV-C applications. able to be transparent to UV-C rays and at the same time resistant and, if necessary, IP tight (Up to IP69K).

UVC LED SENSORS/ACCESSORIES: Fuocofreddo offers both standard and customized UVC LED management solutions on customer request. Our range ranges from intelligent management cards, timing cards, to measurement sensors, to portable measuring instruments. Depending on the case, we can offer solutions with built-in intelligent electronics or exploit all the potential of Wireless IOT technology (with related APP and SKILL). We offer products, electronic support and software support to identify the best solution, up to any customizations.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Fuocofreddo also means experience in legislation and in the use of individual protection devices. The products offered are a selection of items from our partners, chosen by our staff because they are particularly suitable for use in UV-C LED applications.

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