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Covid-19 resists up to 28 days on surfaces (in particular on mobile phones and banknotes)

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A study by the Australian National Scientific Agency reveals that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus survives on banknotes or mobile phones for up to 28 days.

The researchers tested in the dark:

– At 20 degrees Celsius where the virus appears “extremely resistant” and lasts 28 days

– At 30 degrees where the survival period drops to seven days

– At 40 degrees where the period plummets to 24 hours

The virus is less “potent” on porous surfaces such as cotton where it lasts up to a maximum of four days.

The director of the Australian Center for Disease Preparedness, specified “This does not mean that that amount of virus would be able to infect a human being,” he told public broadcaster ABC, adding however that “if a person touches these without precautions materials and then touching his mouth, eyes or nose, he could contract the disease even more than two weeks after contamination of the objects ».

Covid-19, like all viruses, is sensitive to heat and ultraviolet light from UV-C LEDs.

All this occurs artificially through UV-C LED LIGHTS as disinfecting surfaces with sunlight is problematic, because the time needed to deactivate the new coronavirus depends on the amount of rays given by UV-C LEDs are incident on the surface, which vary depending on the time of day, the weather, the season, the terrestrial latitude in which you are, so it does not appear to be a reliable way to kill the virus.