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In America, the choices on air disinfection systems adopted within public schools and universities are causing a lot of discussion. To contain and avo...

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Fly safely thanks to UVC LEDs

In view of the summer and the holidays, one begins to wonder how safe it is to fly. Given the restrictions on intercontinental travel, the most used a...

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The innovation of UVC LED technology

The innovation of UVC LED technology   Xlite-Fuocofreddo has a very wide experience in the lighting sector, how did you come to the UV-C world? ...

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Is it better to sanitize with ozone or with UV LEDs?

Ozone is a gas composed of unstable oxygen molecules with a pungent odor and highly reactive. In homes it can be significantly emitted by high-voltage...

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Fight Coronavirus with UV-C LEDs that disinfect automatically

Ashla Systems announced that due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, its industries are committed to researching which technology can help in the fi...

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Scientists are thinking of UV LED light to defeat Coronavirus indoors such as shops, restaurants and schools

Scientists think of ULTRAVIOLET LED UV light to defeat Coronavirus indoors. Some researchers are hoping that decades-old technology may have found its...

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Why choose FuocoFreddo for UV-C LED modules and complete UV-C LED solutions

Why choose FuocoFreddo for UV-C LED modules and complete UV-C LED solutions This period of emergency caused by COVID-19 has triggered an incredible in...

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UV-C LEDs, an effective weapon against the Coronavirus

AN EFFECTIVE WEAPON AGAINST CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UV-C LEDs The adoption of UV-C LED technology for sanitizing and killing bacterial colonies has bee...

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