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In America, the choices on air disinfection systems adopted within public schools and universities are causing a lot of discussion. To contain and avoid possible outbreaks of Covid-19 and to improve air quality, many school systems have purchased devices, including ionizers and ozone generating mechanisms, which lack scientific data, laboratory tests and often do not comply with regulations. which could even be harmful to students’ health, especially children with asthma or allergies.
Poor ventilation in older schools and aging facilities were a chronic problem before Covid-19.

The relevant authorities did not stipulate, in any of the Covid-19 aid laws, which included $ 193 billion for schools, which types of devices should be purchased.
The fear that there may be a secondary “health crisis” due to air quality in schools has led many associations to raise awareness in the Department of Education in asking schools for scientific research to demonstrate whether the devices are safe and effective, rather than emit levels of ozone that are dangerous or do not release by-products such as formaldehyde and nanoparticles.

The new directives invite you to take advantage of scientifically proven and safe technologies in the treatment of air with HEPA filters and UV-C radiation.

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