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The Board of Directors of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) has approved the creation of a new task force to help advance the United Na...

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Why is a filterless UV-C air treatment system to be preferred?

WHY A.R.I.A. IS BETTER THAN A DEVICE WITH FILTERS? Although a filter represents a mechanical barrier for airborne microorganisms, its presence involve...

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Sanificazione sistema e azienda farmaceutica prodotti UVC

UV-C LED disinfection solutions in the pharmaceutical sector

Fuocofreddo offers innovative disinfection solutions using UVC LEDs, maximizing the effectiveness of UVC energy by choosing the right setup for each a...

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UV-C LED disinfection systems for the food sector

UV-C LED DISINFECTION SYSTEMS FOR THE FOOD SECTOR Why use UV-C LEDs: UV-C technology has been used for many years in the food sector to improve produc...

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In America, the choices on air disinfection systems adopted within public schools and universities are causing a lot of discussion. To contain and avo...

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The pluses of UV-C LED disinfection

It is essential to distinguish between the concept of cleaning and that of disinfection. Cleaning is the mechanical action that leads to the removal o...

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Legionella defeated in the showers thanks to UV-C LEDs

Legionellosis is a bacterial infection caused by various species of bacteria of the genus Legionella. The disease is transmitted mainly by air, theref...

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Packaging alimentari

Sanitized food packaging with UV-C LED technology

Harmful germs such as bacteria, yeast and fungi must be completely removed during food packaging. UVC disinfection is a chemical-free cold and dry met...

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Voli sicuri

Fly safely thanks to UVC LEDs

In view of the summer and the holidays, one begins to wonder how safe it is to fly. Given the restrictions on intercontinental travel, the most used a...

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Is it better to sanitize with ozone or with UV LEDs?

Ozone is a gas composed of unstable oxygen molecules with a pungent odor and highly reactive. In homes it can be significantly emitted by high-voltage...

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