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The pluses of UV-C LED disinfection

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It is essential to distinguish between the concept of cleaning and that of disinfection.

Cleaning is the mechanical action that leads to the removal of dirt and dust present on any surface. Sanitation, disinfection and sanitation are different processes but all aimed at eliminating, through chemical or physical processes, of microorganisms present on the surfaces.

It is easy to understand how important it is to act in progressive intervention steps: starting with a thorough cleaning, we will have the certainty of having eliminated the soil where pathogens can proliferate; the second step, more accurate, will be disinfection, which will break down the microbial load developed up to that moment.

Disinfection processes with chemicals risk leaving residues on surfaces, while physical processes destroy pathogens without leaving traces.

In the table below we compare disinfection with any chemical product and that through UVC, evaluating the pros and cons between the old technology with mercury tubes and the new LED UVC.

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