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Months full of events for Fuocofreddo!   A webinar on UV-C applications for the wood and furniture sector took place on October 26th, organized b...

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The Board of Directors of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) has approved the creation of a new task force to help advance the United Na...

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The pluses of UV-C LED disinfection

It is essential to distinguish between the concept of cleaning and that of disinfection. Cleaning is the mechanical action that leads to the removal o...

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The innovation of UVC LED technology

The innovation of UVC LED technology   Xlite-Fuocofreddo has a very wide experience in the lighting sector, how did you come to the UV-C world? ...

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Is it better to sanitize with ozone or with UV LEDs?

Ozone is a gas composed of unstable oxygen molecules with a pungent odor and highly reactive. In homes it can be significantly emitted by high-voltage...

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VIOLET was born from the collaboration with Ledil

The VIOLET Led module is developed to work coupled with silicone lenses specially designed by LEDiL. It is useful for professional UV-C sanitization f...

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UV-C LED ventilation systems against Covid-19 Coronavirus

A study published in the scientific journal Environmental Research conducted by the university spin-off Ergon Research and the Italian Society of Envi...

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UVC light in work environments for coronavirus Covid-19 sanitation

At this time of health alarm, having the right weapons at your disposal to prevent the problems caused by the lack of proper sanitation is an act of r...

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Why choose FuocoFreddo for UV-C LED modules and complete UV-C LED solutions

Why choose FuocoFreddo for UV-C LED modules and complete UV-C LED solutions This period of emergency caused by COVID-19 has triggered an incredible in...

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Soluzioni LED UV

UV LED solutions

One of the main problems with traditional UV lamps is the presence of mercury which, when disposed of, has serious environmental consequences. In each...

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