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VIOLET was born from the collaboration with Ledil

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The VIOLET Led module is developed to work coupled with silicone lenses specially designed by LEDiL. It is useful for professional UV-C sanitization for air, surfaces and water thanks to the high degree of IP protection. The small size makes it the perfect solution for small rooms. Designed in 3 particular versions for specific uses:

VIOLET-RS has a concentrated light distribution in 14 ° ensuring a narrow beam and a greater flow, making this product the perfect solution for UVC applications that need to cover long sanitizing distances from the source.

VIOLET-S the radiation beam has an amplitude of 20 °, therefore it guarantees a concentrated flow and is versatile for many uses.

VIOLET-W has a light distribution of about 60 ° which allows for a wider and more efficient diffusion at close distances.

All optics are protected and feature a stainless steel frame.


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