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Ventilazione controllata scuole

Marche Region: the study on controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC).

In the fight against Covid -19, the Marche region becomes, with a vast study on controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC), the Italian pilot region to h...

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Months full of events for Fuocofreddo!   A webinar on UV-C applications for the wood and furniture sector took place on October 26th, organized b...

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Why is a filterless UV-C air treatment system to be preferred?

WHY A.R.I.A. IS BETTER THAN A DEVICE WITH FILTERS? Although a filter represents a mechanical barrier for airborne microorganisms, its presence involve...

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Sanificazione sistema e azienda farmaceutica prodotti UVC

UV-C LED disinfection solutions in the pharmaceutical sector

Fuocofreddo offers innovative disinfection solutions using UVC LEDs, maximizing the effectiveness of UVC energy by choosing the right setup for each a...

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