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Covid-19 resists up to 28 days on surfaces (in particular on mobile phones and banknotes)

A study by the Australian National Scientific Agency reveals that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus survives on banknotes or mobile phones for up to 28...

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The microbiological effectiveness of the UV-C LED

Bacteria are organisms consisting of a single cell (unicellular) prokaryotes (i.e. without a cell nucleus), but assimilable to complete living organis...

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Fight the Citrobacter bacterium with UV LED light

After a year and a half of checks, the commission of inquiry into the tragedy that led to the death of 4 children in the pediatric ward of the Verona ...

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Disinfection against covid19 – coronavirus thanks to the radiation of UV-C light

COV-SARS2 belongs to the larger coronavirus family, and according to current scientific research, this type of monofilament RNA virus is very sensitiv...

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Covid19 is sensitive to heat and UV-C LED ultraviolet light

Let’s clarify the types of UV rays that make up sunlight: UV-A rays (400 – 315 nm) make up the vast majority of ultraviolet radiation t...

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Germicidal UVC LED lights against Covid 19 airborne transmission

The WHO has confirmed, a few weeks ago, emerging evidence on coronavirus airborne transmission. This means that if until now it was thought that the n...

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Coronavirus deactivated in seconds by UV-C rays

Ultraviolet rays have an effect on the Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus epidemic. This was revealed by a study by an Italian team made up of doctors and astroph...

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Fight Coronavirus with UV-C LEDs that disinfect automatically

Ashla Systems announced that due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, its industries are committed to researching which technology can help in the fi...

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Scientists are thinking of UV LED light to defeat Coronavirus indoors such as shops, restaurants and schools

Scientists think of ULTRAVIOLET LED UV light to defeat Coronavirus indoors. Some researchers are hoping that decades-old technology may have found its...

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UV-C LEDs against Covid 19 to sanitize the environment

To sanitize environments from Covid 19, the use of UV-C LED light is becoming increasingly popular. The antiviral power of light in fact sanitizes env...

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