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UVC LEDs also on airplanes

Until a few months ago, UVC represented a niche market: an almost exclusive prerogative of the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Now UV-...

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Violetta single lenses and its advantages

VIOLETTA single lenses are designed for near-field UV-C illumination applications. The highly resistant silicone together with the high UV transmissio...

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The advantages of the VIOLET lens

Violet features a superior optic made up of 12 high UV transmission (80) silicone lenses anchored to a stainless steel frame. Three beams are currentl...

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Covid and variants

COVID AND VARIANTS Viruses, especially RNA viruses such as coronaviruses, constantly mutate their genes to better adapt to humans. Since the start of ...

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Safe hospitals with UVC LEDS

UV-C technology has been used for air, water and instrument disinfection for over a century. As early as the 1930s, UV was commonly used for air and w...

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UV LED light against Covid variants

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has already affected over 110 million people worldwide and has killed nearly two and a half million. The various ...

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UVCs in public transport

US transportation company Metro is receiving $ 600,000 from the Federal Transit Agency to test and evaluate the effectiveness of enhanced air filtrati...

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Covid-19 resists up to 28 days on surfaces (in particular on mobile phones and banknotes)

A study by the Australian National Scientific Agency reveals that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus survives on banknotes or mobile phones for up to 28...

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The microbiological effectiveness of the UV-C LED

Bacteria are organisms consisting of a single cell (unicellular) prokaryotes (i.e. without a cell nucleus), but assimilable to complete living organis...

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Fight the Citrobacter bacterium with UV LED light

After a year and a half of checks, the commission of inquiry into the tragedy that led to the death of 4 children in the pediatric ward of the Verona ...

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