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Legionella defeated in the showers thanks to UV-C LEDs

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Legionellosis is a bacterial infection caused by various species of bacteria of the genus Legionella.

The disease is transmitted mainly by air, therefore by inhalation or aspiration of water droplets, containing the bacteria, suspended in the air.

Regular and proper maintenance of the systems constitutes an effective preventive measure; heating the water to temperatures above 60 ° C kills the bacterium, as well as adequate chlorination or treatment with ultraviolet rays.

This means that a system in good maintenance and clean conditions does not generate any risk of infections. Taking a shower could be a risk only in the presence of a contaminated system that is not subject to maintenance and / or used only occasionally in which bacteria have the opportunity to proliferate in stagnant water at a temperature between 20 ° – 55 ° C.

The presence of the bacterium does NOT necessarily pose a danger to humans.

Fuocofreddo studies tailor-made UV-C LED systems that can be integrated with taps or at the end sections of showers (or taps) to allow you to use even older and less controlled systems in safety.


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