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UVC LEDs also on airplanes

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Until a few months ago, UVC represented a niche market: an almost exclusive prerogative of the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Now UV-Cs are starting to appear in opticians, jewelers, gyms and dentists; all sectors that have never approached UV-C sanitization but are now beginning to understand its importance. People today are more open to considering this technology as a way to limit the spread of the virus.

Just think of how ultraviolet radiation has been adopted in the world of transport: United Airlines is using UVC lights to clean the pilot decks, Heathrow Airport uses UVC cleaning robots and sanitizing systems for the handrail of the staircases.

Meanwhile, the airline Helvetic Airways is conducting disinfection tests with UV-C radiation and are studying the impact of UV light on the interior upholstery by exposing it to prolonged doses over time. The project would involve the use of UVC devices for sanitizing the internal environment of aircraft such as corridors, seats and surfaces. Investment aimed at restarting the world of air transport, but which will certainly become an indispensable element in the future for everyone’s health and quality of life.

The versatility of UVC LED technology allows it to adapt to all these types of applications.

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