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The advantages of the VIOLET lens

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Violet features a superior optic made up of 12 high UV transmission (80) silicone lenses anchored to a stainless steel frame. Three beams are currently available, ranging from a 14 ° spot beam to a 60 ° wide beam.

It has a high degree of IP protection and therefore it is an excellent solution in UV disinfection applications of surfaces, air and water.

Using the UV-C LEDs in combination with the violet lens, compared to traditional quartz glass, the recorded radiation is equal to double that emitted by the LEDs without lenses. This allows us to halve the surface disinfection time or reduce the number of LEDs, generating cost savings.

The directional capacity of the optic (for example the model with a width of 14 °) allows, in air treatment systems, to be able to use the UV-C in the presence of people, safeguarding the occupants, being careful to respect the limits allowed by the regulations in force. (current limit of 0.4 µW / cm2 for an exposure time of 8 hours).



  • Possibility of dosing the electric power to the absolute minimum, making the module ideal for battery applications.
  • Direct the energy emitted by a UV-C LED, providing concentration in the areas where it is most needed.
  • Energy saving.

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