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UV LED light against Covid variants

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The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has already affected over 110 million people worldwide and has killed nearly two and a half million. The various strategies to contain the spread of the virus put in place in the world have not been sufficient and according to many epidemiologists the pandemic will end when there will be a sufficient number of people around the world who have been vaccinated or become ill.

But the virus will continue to circulate, we will live with it for years and will most likely become endemic. “If the virus begins to evade the immune response induced by vaccines, also due to the emergence of variants, it will take longer to make it behave like a seasonal flu” warns immunologist Antonella Viola, professor of pathology at the ‘University of Padua. To prevent things from getting complicated and to prevent new variants from arising, it is necessary to keep the circulation of the virus low, vaccinating as quickly as possible.

If at the beginning of the epidemic there was talk of a vaccination coverage of 60-70% to achieve community immunity, it is because it was not yet thought about the takeover of variants such as the English one, which in addition to being more contagious seems more lethal, that South African and Brazilian, which seem to bypass the immune defenses acquired with the primary virus. The variants would have greater person-to-person transmission ability. Consequently, the number of immune in the population also increases, necessary to extinguish the epidemic trend and to achieve the famous herd immunity. A highly infectious virus takes a longer time to achieve community immunity than a non-diffusive virus.

In this fight against time towards the immunization of an increasing slice of people, it is we who must put in place all the tools to be able to slow the pandemic race of Covid-19. UV-C have been a great ally in the disinfection field for decades, but UVC LED technology is the safe and eco-sustainable evolution applicable in all contexts.