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Disinfect from Coronavirus with UV LEDs

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In China to fight the coronavirus covid 19 they have installed UV LED lights that through ultraviolet rays kill 99.9% of the virus. Among the countless advantages of disinfestation with UV LEDs are:

The speed

The installation process of the UV LEDs is immediate, the sanitization of the area takes place in just 5 minutes against the 40 that should be used to thoroughly clean the car.

The security

The UV LED does not corrode or damage the bus as chemical solutions or excessive use of water would do. Then no person should risk contagion in the act of thorough cleaning of the bus.

The savings

Labor and the cost of purchasing the solutions for disinfecting the vehicle.


The Shanghai public transport company has announced that it will follow up on this experiment against the Corona Virus covid 19 by increasing the number of buses where the UV LED will be installed.