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The pluses of UV-C LED disinfection

It is essential to distinguish between the concept of cleaning and that of disinfection. Cleaning is the mechanical action that leads to the removal o...

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Packaging alimentari

Sanitized food packaging with UV-C LED technology

Harmful germs such as bacteria, yeast and fungi must be completely removed during food packaging. UVC disinfection is a chemical-free cold and dry met...

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Voli sicuri

Fly safely thanks to UVC LEDs

In view of the summer and the holidays, one begins to wonder how safe it is to fly. Given the restrictions on intercontinental travel, the most used a...

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Is it better to sanitize with ozone or with UV LEDs?

Ozone is a gas composed of unstable oxygen molecules with a pungent odor and highly reactive. In homes it can be significantly emitted by high-voltage...

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UVC LEDs also on airplanes

Until a few months ago, UVC represented a niche market: an almost exclusive prerogative of the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Now UV-...

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UV LED light against Covid variants

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has already affected over 110 million people worldwide and has killed nearly two and a half million. The various ...

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VIOLET was born from the collaboration with Ledil

The VIOLET Led module is developed to work coupled with silicone lenses specially designed by LEDiL. It is useful for professional UV-C sanitization f...

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Render SSA UV-C 2

UV-C LED ventilation systems against Covid-19 Coronavirus

A study published in the scientific journal Environmental Research conducted by the university spin-off Ergon Research and the Italian Society of Envi...

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Covid-19 resists up to 28 days on surfaces (in particular on mobile phones and banknotes)

A study by the Australian National Scientific Agency reveals that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus survives on banknotes or mobile phones for up to 28...

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The microbiological effectiveness of the UV-C LED

Bacteria are organisms consisting of a single cell (unicellular) prokaryotes (i.e. without a cell nucleus), but assimilable to complete living organis...

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