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Why is a filterless UV-C air treatment system to be preferred?

WHY A.R.I.A. IS BETTER THAN A DEVICE WITH FILTERS? Although a filter represents a mechanical barrier for airborne microorganisms, its presence involve...

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Human centric lighting

Human centric lighting Since their first appearance on earth, all living organisms have evolved under the influence of sunlight. An interesting aspec...

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Drink quietly thanks to UV LEDs

Drink quietly thanks to UV LEDs Water is a precious resource for the survival of all living beings and it must be our responsibility to guarantee acc...

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Eat quiet thanks to UV LEDs

Eat quiet thanks to UV LEDs We often hear about food poisoning due to the consumption of contaminated food or drink. According to 2011 CDC estimates, ...

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LED to improve sleep and rest

LED to improve sleep and rest It is now proven that SunLike LEDs produce excellent light quality with a high CRI for professional applications such a...

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What is Smart Lighting?

What is Smart Lighting? Today more than ever the adjective SMART is on everyone’s lips: smart biulding, smart phones, smart homes, etc. The &#82...

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Soluzioni LED UV

UV LED solutions

One of the main problems with traditional UV lamps is the presence of mercury which, when disposed of, has serious environmental consequences. In each...

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Wireless, IoT and home automation solutions

Wireless lighting control technologies are now a must-have for manufacturers and customers for this FuocoFreddo, which has been operating in this sect...

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